The Hidden Secrets Of Basketball: How To Play Like A Pro

Many people enjoy watching basketball and supporting their favorite team. In order to keep fans happy, give them a reason to cheer. Every person of the team must contribute to the game. These tips will help you improve your game.

TIP! Learn to correctly dribble the ball. Use fingertips to dribble.

Dribble the ball correctly. When you dribble, use the fingertips, not the palm. Using your fingers allows you to better control the basketball. Always dribble to your side, not your front. Do not look at the ground; look up at all times.

Free Throw

TIP! Your balance is an important aspect to consider when you are shooting. Even though a professional can hit all sorts of crazy off-balance shots, it is not the ideal method of shooting that you want to learn.

Perfect your free throw. The free throw shot might seem simple, but it can actually be pretty difficult. The following technique should be practiced often. Start with the ball ahead of your face. Keep looking at the goal while visualizing the basketball going through the hoop. Next, shoot with just the trajectory you saw.

Quick and solid footwork is what it takes to make the shot when your posting up. Securing a good location is critical when playing basketball. If you are just stepping into position, you now have to secure the spot. The key to mastering these skills is good footwork.

TIP! Before, during and after the season, play out games by yourself. It is possible to enjoy this team sport even in the absence of your team.

Figuring out the opponent is a great way to do well against a tight defense. You should be look at scouting reports, practicing techniques and watch tapes. For example, you should know which of the players are left-handed and which are right-handed. When you know your opponent, you will be better able to play an effective defensive game. A smart defender is someone who is good at his position.

Pay close attention to your shoulders if you’ve suddenly developed a shooting slump. When you’re in a shooting slump it usually means that your shoulders are not square to the hoop. Keep your shoulders square to the hoop. Try to line your dominant shoulder up with the rim.

TIP! Unseen passes can be avoided when proper hand signals are used by teammates. Passing is tough, especially if you and your teammate are not in sync with one another.

If you’re quick on the basketball court, you have a built in advantage. If you can play quicker than the opposing team can, then you will be at an advantage. Steady drilling is the key to playing fast. Never try though to get too fast that you can’t make any plays. Playing beyond your speed cause the game to get out of control with various turnovers and errant passes.

If your opponent is pressing hard, you can give yourself some room to work by dribbling the ball between your legs. Go forwards and backwards with the ball to practice bouncing it. Perfecting this technique will help thwart the opposing team while you’re trying to advance the ball.

TIP! Don’t let the ball go behind your back. You must always be prepared to receive a pass and you need to know where players are on the court.

A consistent pre-shot routine when at the line will increase your chance at success. If you are inconsistent then your shot will be off. You have to practice time and time again. Just keep repeating free throws, if you want to perfect that technique. If you have a glitch in the routine, you are likely to miss your shot.

In order to become better at dribbling the ball you should learn how to practice using your weak hand. Being ambidextrous on the court makes it more difficult for defenders to figure out what you will do next. If you find it difficult to continue using your weak hand, make your strong hand unusable. In no time, the weak hand will also be useful for dribbling.

TIP! To get better at shooting free throws, make sure to keep a consistent pre-shot routine. This could mean dribbling twice, shaking out your head to loosen your neck or whatever else makes you comfortable.

Upset and disrupt your opponent’s play. All successful basketball players do this. Make them feel uncomfortable and to where they’re second guessing their next move. When you are guarding, do so aggressively. You don’t want the defense choosing your plays so to speak. If you do so, then your rivals have the control. Instead, take the initiative and disrupt their rhythm.

As you’ve read, there are several ways to better your game. Better players create better teams, which means lots of happier and larger cheering sections and fan clubs. Every single participant plays a role, from those on the court to those sitting in the stands. You are obligated to put forth 100 percent effort during every game. Remember these tips and use them to become the player everyone wants on their team.